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Tree canopy

We specialise in helping you understand your trees and offer a wide range of assessment methods focused on answering that simple but often uncomfortable question……
“Is That tree Safe?”.

We use a wide range of systems to assess your trees in great detail. We have systems that can look into the soil and below hard surfaces to map where roots are located; we can map and show the extent of decayed wood and assess where decay is likely to be in the future. We even have systems that can assess the stability of the whole tree and understand whether the tree offers a risk of failure through the collapse of the stem or failure of the roots.

We are here to help help you understand the implications of defects/attributes and decay to help you better understand the safety of your trees.

We can offer a wide variety of further investigation and technology-assisted assessments of trees to enable you to better understand your trees and any suspected problems. 

To help get a better understanding of the trees in their context, we can offer detailed UAS or Drone Assessments of landscapes, tree populations or individual trees.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about a particular feature such sudden changes in a trees appearance, cracking, fungal fruiting body, mushrooms close to the a tree or recent failure, we have systems that enable us to understand the extent and implications of these potential issues in relation to tree and site safety.

Occasionally we need to understand issues at a microscopic level and can help at this level, too. Whether it’s leaf sample testing to understand nutrient or Chlorophyll content, testing soils to understand nutrient content or to test if the soils can  suffer shrinkage, identifying root samples or we can even provide DNA of a part of a root to help identify its source.      

We can provide internal scans of trees using Sonic and Electronic tomography, using Picus, and Fakopp equipment, in addition to other systems such as Thermal image or Tree RADAR.

If you are concerned about the main stem or even the whole tree stability, we can undertake to test using specialist equipment to non-destructively test a trees roots and stems resistance to predicted loads.

We even have systems that can look into the ground and map to the location and depth of the principal roots without disturbing the existing ground cover. Root mapping is possible through soil or even below concrete and tarmac.  This can be useful in identifying where trees have caused damage or where proposals to build near a tree may threaten to damage roots directly.



Occasionally, trees, just like us, can have problems that need an extra level of information to enable better-informed decisions regarding their management or safety.

Some problems cannot be commented on accurately by simply undertaking a visual assessment, a lot like a doctor referring us for further testing before a diagnosis is given.

We offer a range of detailed assessments to help identity, understand and quantify issues, that can affect your trees.

A lot can be gleaned from ground-based visual assessments, and this does form the basis of a lot of our recommendations but when issues are identified, not all is lost and further assessment with specialist equipment might be all that is required to allay any fears or help identify cost-effective or timely management.    

These assessments enable us to provide you with an improved level of information and allow us to work with you and provide an informed and balanced management of your trees and landscapes.

We both use and supply specialist equipment and are at the forefront of advanced non-destructive assessments of trees.

Working throughout the UK we provide specialist services to all clients and other professionals, including private individuals, arboricultural Consultancies, Surveyors, Ecologists, Landscape Architects in addition to various Local Authorities and national Landscape Managers.

Our Tree Diagnostics Department www.treediagnostics.co.uk provides training  and equipment to other arboricultural consultancies in the UK and Ireland.

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For Leaves, Twigs, or Branches

  • Whole Tree and site Drone Assessments Aerial
  • Inspections Tree Vitality
  • Tree Nutrients Pest and Diseases
  • Tree DNA

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For Cavities, Holes or Decay Decay Scans (Tomography)

  • Microsecond Timer
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Resistograph
  • Increment Borer


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Understanding, Managing & Mapping Tree Roots

  • Root Mapping   –  Tree Radar (Ground Penetrating Radar Sonic Root Detection)
  • Air Excavation Root Stability/Dynaroot Root Pests & Diseases
  • Root DNA identification

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For Safety Concerns Whole Tree Safety

  • DynaTree/Dynaroot
  • Dynamic Tree Test
  • Static Tree Assessment
  • Tree Pulling
  • Computer Modelling
  • Biomechanics

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Interested in or want to buy our equipment?Interested in or want to buy our equipment ?Check out our Tree Diagnostics website here 

Want to know about Root Mapping ? We are working on a new website for this but check out our Tree Root page here

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