Why you need a Tree Consultant

As the population continues to grow, the demand for land to build homes, roads, and businesses also increases. This often means that trees have to be removed to make way for new development. However, with the right tree consultancy, it is possible to minimise the impact of development on the local environment and save yourself significant time, long term cost and legal issues. A tree consultant can help to assess the impact of a proposed development on the surrounding area, including any trees that would need to be removed. They can also provide advice on how to minimise the impact of the development, for example by planting new trees or creating green spaces. Tree consultants can also help to manage existing trees, for example by carrying out tree surveys and advising on tree maintenance. This is important to ensure that trees are healthy and safe, and to prevent them from causing damage to property or people. If you are planning a development, or are responsible for the management of trees, then a tree consultant is a valuable asset. They can help you to make sure that your development has minimal impact on the environment, operates legally to avoid any costly lawsuits, and that any trees that are affected are managed properly and legally.

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Barnes Associates are tree consultants providing expert advice on tree safety and management in the built environment serving Leeds, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Northallerton, Darlington, and further afield in Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. We provide services in the following:


• Tree Health Survey
• Tree Risk Surveys
• Tree Inspection
• Tree population
• Woodland Management Survey
• Tree Care Advice

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• Feasibility of Development
• BS5837 Tree Survey for Planning
• Arboricultural Impact Assessment
• Tree Protection Plans
• Tree Management Plans
• Arboricultural Method Statement

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• Detailed and aerial inspection
• Decay & Defect Mapping
• Tree Heath Assessment
• Tree Stability Assessment
• Root Mapping & Location
• Drone Assessments and Mapping

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• Subsidence Risk Assessment
• Insurance Reports
• Pre-purchase and Mortgage reports
• High Hedges
• Tree Preservation Orders
• Tree valuation

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• Landscape Visual Impact Assessments
• Landscape Designs
• Landscape Management
• Management Plans
• Planting Design and Plans

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• Tree & Plant health Survey
• Holistic Landscape Manage
• Soil Assessments
• Tree & Plant Management Plans
• Pest Management & Treatment
• Site & Rootzone Improvement

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